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Hi! I'm Apoorva


Founder of SheforSelf

I have started blog to pave way for natural, healthy lifestyle, including wellness, nutrition, healthy recipes, remedies, other means of holistic approach to health and information on the latest health news.

Explore Holistic Nutrition Retreat With Me


We need to understand our body, mind, actions, symptoms, and learn about something specific like go onto the journey of self-rediscovery, gain perspectives and restore inner wellbeing. It’s important to support yourself, releasing limiting blocks, opening up to possibilities, heal from past stories, empowering new beginnings and create memories of a lifetime and change your vibrations to a higher frequency.


Self- rediscovery allows you to practice strengthen your core and set alight your inner space without excessive efforts. Our meticulously curated wellbeing approach allows you to pause from the crazy pace of modern life and reconnect with your true nature and let your soul shine with a whole heap of love.

Holy Trinity: Recipes, Nutrition and Wellness

We will share recipes with quality, organic, wild or local ingredients and create dishes that are delicious, nutritious and provide you with all the energy you need. We believe eating seasonal, local, wild and organic food to ensure we receive the most benefit from our nutrition.


Your body is going to enjoy the very best ingredients. There are no processed foods, stimulants or toxins so your body can heal and strengthen. Certain foods go better together and in certain quantities. We will share the recipes for meals and snacks that are perfect for your body and your goal so you’ll experience and learn to create a diet that supports your personal nutrition needs and wellness no matter what your lifestyle.


Stay tuned..

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